Faa Interchange Agreement Opm

What is FAA Interchange Agreement OPM?

The FAA Interchange Agreement OPM is an agreement between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The agreement allows FAA employees to transfer to other federal agencies, including OPM, to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Under the FAA Interchange Agreement OPM, employees who transfer to other agencies can retain their FAA pay and benefits while gaining new experience in a different work environment. This helps to promote knowledge exchange and skill-building across agencies and departments, ultimately benefiting the entire federal workforce.

Benefits of FAA Interchange Agreement OPM

There are several benefits of the FAA Interchange Agreement OPM, both for employees and employers:

1. Skill Development: The agreement allows FAA employees to develop new skills and knowledge through temporary work assignments in other federal agencies. This helps to enhance their career prospects within the federal government.

2. Knowledge Exchange: The agreement promotes knowledge exchange across different agencies and departments, which leads to better collaboration and communication among federal employees.

3. Retention of Benefits: Employees who transfer under the FAA Interchange Agreement OPM retain their FAA pay, benefits, and retirement credits, which helps to encourage them to seek out new experiences and opportunities.

4. Improved Employee Morale: The agreement provides employees with the opportunity to work in different environments and gain new experiences, which can boost their morale and job satisfaction.

How to Apply for FAA Interchange Agreement OPM

To apply for the FAA Interchange Agreement OPM, employees should check with their agency`s human resources department for available opportunities. The employee must meet the eligibility requirements, including a minimum of two years of FAA service and a satisfactory performance rating.

Once the employee has identified a suitable opportunity, they must submit a written request to their FAA supervisor, who will review and approve or deny the request. If approved, the employee must then submit a formal application to the receiving agency.


The FAA Interchange Agreement OPM provides a valuable opportunity for FAA employees to gain new experience and skills while retaining their FAA pay and benefits. This agreement allows for knowledge exchange and collaboration across different federal agencies, ultimately benefiting the federal workforce as a whole. If you are an FAA employee looking to enhance your career prospects, consider the FAA Interchange Agreement OPM as a viable option for your professional growth.